Maker Studio Kids | Updates
September 2021 Update
Easily create and animate 3D Voxel characters using the in-built voxel editor and then animate a 3d character with keyframes and inbetweens, using onion skin guides in order to pose your characters.
August 2021 Update
Create movies like Wallace and Gromit or those groovy Lego shorts on YouTube? Stop Motion Studio is an amazing app to create terrific stop action movies with a whole host of unique features.
April 2021 Update
Create characters in the Character Editor inside the world building app,place your character onto the ground and start walking around your world using the 2 control buttons (walk and jump).
FEB 2021 Update
In Feb 2021,we've introduced a new category.. Advanced Animation in which kids can create 2d animations frame by frame with the ability to copy,paste, insert and export out as MP4 movies Bundled animations will give kids a great idea on how to make 2d animations.