Maker Studio
Build, Play and Learn
Creative experiences for curious kids.

Build worlds,create objects and learn logic...all in one app.

A single subscription that delivers creative activities using the Montessori method.

Maker Studio is a creative app for kids that lets them build out objects, create and play in worlds, make custom shapes and animations .
Creative building for kids
Create characters in the Character Editor inside the world building app, place your character onto the ground and start walking around your world using the 2 control buttons (walk and jump).
Create full worlds with trees,animals and humans!Add windmills,birds and water to make them come alive.
Create your own flipbooks by drawing page by page and print them out for real world fun!
Create beautiful objects with simple taps, from cute characters to colorful planes. Print them in 3D for a physical touch.
Create animations by moving cartoons around frame by frame.Bring them alive by adding your own voice!
Draw beautiful 2d shapes and learn basic geometry with dots and lines.
Create 3d objects and place them in the real world to see your creations come alive.
Draw cartoon frame by frame. Make movies from scratch!
Enjoy your kid's creativity
Maker Studio app that shows you what your kid is building in the form of screenshots and movies from the device. Email updates are also sent to the registered account email.
A wonderful and exciting game, and most importantly, educational. It will help preschoolers and older children easily create 3D images and animate fun cartoons. The game will not make you bored because of the huge number of options that are presented in it.
I believe games for kids can have an educational and developmental aspect to them in addition to being a huge source of fun and entertainment. So as games delight kids, they help to develop them in the key areas of learning as they play. Montessori Builder contains hundreds of educational games for kids to educate and entertain.
I can visualize all the possible cities and areas I can imagine! Adding details in 3d makes it even more realistic so always want to print it out and send to some architecture department to see if it can be turned into a real city. Offline mode and having no borders is so great!
My 5 years old son liked this app. Initially he builds 3D models in this app. And then makes it with constructor. I liked many kinds of buildings . So it fits us perfect. Thanks
Great app with a focus on building. Fun and educational Montessori activities you can do right at home. I would like to give it more than 10 stars.
Eve Eaton
An amazing editor in which you can create characters, animate them, create objects and entire buildings. I'll give it to my younger brother, he likes this stuff
Jack Jack Gibson

Montessori Builder is built by Appy Monkeys, an app developer with 8 years of experience in creating fun and intuitive creativity apps with over 5 million downloads on the App store and recipient of various awards such as Children's Tech Review and Purdue University's guide for STEM apps.